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Highland Titles is a worldwide family of small landowners who have made a commitment to help us conserve a part of wild Scotland. In return they may become Lairds of Glencoe, a very special and select honour that pronounces their love of this land.


RHODODENDRONS – the beautiful pest!October 6th, 2016

RHODODENDRONS – the beautiful pest!

ELIMINATING THE  RHODODENDRONS Visitors to the U.K. are sometimes astounded by the proliferation of rhododendrons seen growing wildly in forested areas. For those who know of the flowering shrub only in their gardens or cultivated in parks, the profusion of rhododendrons in the wild can be considered quite beautiful, with its brightly colored flowers in the shadow of the trees. The truth is, however, that rhododendrons growing in the wild are invasive and can choke out indigenous plants. Rhododendrons are not native to the U.K., though species are native to many places in the world, including Europe and Asia. The

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5 Luxury Scottish Gifts To Treat Your Lord or LadyJuly 20th, 2016

5 Luxury Scottish Gifts To Treat Your Lord or Lady

Scotland is not just one of the most beautiful countries in the world (we’re not biased…), but it is also home to an abundance of luxury and bespoke products, adventures and more. If you’ve already made someone special a Lord or Lady and are at a loss of how you would follow up such a gift, check out our list below and be inspired!   1. Let them eat like a Lord or a Lady with Fine Scottish Hampers Does your Lord or Lady appreciate the finer things in life? Fine Scottish Hampers provide bespoke hampers filled with award winning delicacies from each

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Reserve Conservation UpdatesApril 7th, 2016

Reserve Conservation Updates

We’ve made lots of progress with the conservation efforts on the Highland Titles reserve in recent months, here’s an update of what we’ve been up to.   A new loch We started building our new loch back in 2013, and just as we were about to stock it with fish in October 2014 the high level of rainfall (16 inches in 48 hours) caused it to burst its banks, losing all of its water. We started rebuilding the loch in February 2015 and after leaving it to settle due to the very acidic peat soil it was ready for fish again

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Geocaching: what’s the game then?August 27th, 2015

Geocaching: what’s the game then?

Geocaching is an internet based treasure hunt game that uses GPS technology. What’s so interesting about that? you may ask. Well, it’s a game that has caught the world’s imagination. Today there are over 6 million players aged 8 to 88 out regularly searching for treasure, and at the last count 2,700,012 Geocaches worldwide. Some of them are yet to be found. Geocaching: A quick history The game has been going for 15 years and is the brainchild of Dave Ulmer. Back in the prehistoric mists of May 2000, twenty four new orbiting satellites came online making GPS tracking a reality.

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Read our newly-designed Five-Year Plan for Glencoe WoodJuly 15th, 2015

Read our newly-designed Five-Year Plan for Glencoe Wood

We’re excited to introduce our newly-designed Five-Year Plan for the Highland Titles Nature Reserve. We understand how important the conservation of the land is to our followers and as such how important this five-year plan is. For that reason, we decided to take our current five-year plan document and redesign it in a more accessible format. We’re now happy to present this to you. This is our 2015 update of the five-year plan released in 2014. Each year we plan to release a further update detailing our progress made on conservation efforts over that particular year and benchmark it against goals

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Bees: The Waggle Dance – what is it?July 9th, 2015

Bees: The Waggle Dance – what is it?

Bees: What is a Waggle dance? After their 15 minutes of fame in the local press: Our bees are very happy in their beautiful new hives painted by the children of Kinlochleven and Ballachulish Primary Schools and Kinlochleven High School which is shown getting its bees added in the two photos below.                   In the months of July and August all bees are at their busiest collecting as much flower nectar as their little bodies will carry. When a worker bee has found a really great flower source, she tells all her

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Lochaber Plot Owners: We’ve got an Highland Titles App Update for youMay 27th, 2015

Lochaber Plot Owners: We’ve got an Highland Titles App Update for you

Highland Titles would like to introduce our latest update to the Scottish Estate Manager app. Lochaber plot owners can now use the app to access details about their plot. We’re continuously looking for new ways to make owning a plot of land with Highland Titles more rewarding and enjoyable. The app has been built specifically with plot owners in mind and is available exclusively to owners of land on the Highland Titles Estates. What can I expect from the app update? The major update to the app is the ability for Lochaber plot owners to use the app. Previously the

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The Wonderful thing about Otters!April 28th, 2015

The Wonderful thing about Otters!

The Wonderful thing about Otters! The recent sightings of otters at Glencoe Wood Nature Reserve have been very exciting and encouraging. They are extraordinary creatures and wonderful to spot in the wild. Sometimes you may see the mother playing with her pups and teaching them how to hunt, or sometimes the male, who tends to be larger. Otters are masterful swimmers, thanks to their sleek streamlined bodies and a powerful muscular tail. Although they have survived in parts of Western Scotland and its islands, otters were almost extinct in Britain until the turn of this century. Then the UK biodiversity

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An interesting, personal view, written for us by Lady Katherine. You may have seen a link to her blog site in previous Facebook posts – www. I first heard about Highland Titles a few years ago. I was at the Scottish Highland Gathering and Games in Pleasanton (California) when I stopped by the Highland Titles booth and had a nice chat with Stephen Rossiter. We talked about the conservation effort being undertaken by Highland Titles, and I was happy to learn about it. As a supporter of a land trust in Northern California, I was interested in what similar projects were being done

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Bee warm in Winter!February 11th, 2015

Bee warm in Winter!

You may think honey bees are simply annoying creatures which can ruin a picnic in the countryside, but with its workers bees, drones and queen, a bee hive is like a mind, a collective intelligence as powerful as the biggest computer – except that your PC doesn’t make honey. Bees truly are amazing. One third of the UK’s food is pollinated by bees. It may look like chaos, but inside a bee hive is one of the most sophisticated living things in the history of evolution – the oldest known bee fossil is 100 million years old . One bee on

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